Services We Provide
Our goal is to provide you with professional, thorough
eye care in a comfortable, caring environment.

An eye exam consists of more than getting a prescription for glasses or
contact lenses.  We perform a full assessment of your vision as well as an
evaluation of the overall health of your eyes.   A full eye examination can
help detect many health problems such as diabetes and high blood
pressure.  Contact us today to schedule an exam.
Eye Examinations

Contact Lenses


Therapeutic Eye Care
There are many options to consider when
deciding which type of contact lens and
solution will work best for you.
This is what we see when we look inside
your eye.  The eye is the only place on the
body where we can see blood vessels not
covered by skin.  Changes in the retina will
give us clues to what is happening in the rest
of your body.
This eye exhibits the characteristic bleeding
and leakage that we associate with
diabetes.  It is very important for diabetics to
have regular eye care to prevent loss of
This eye shows some of the damage that
can be done by uncontrolled high blood
The optic nerve in the center of this photo has
been damaged by the effects of glaucoma.  
Glaucoma is caused by a high internal
pressure in the eyes and can be treated and
controlled if it is diagnosed early in the
progression of the disease.